na glavno vsebino

Other places to visit in Slovenia 


Rakov Škocjan (10 km from Postojna): A visit to this picturesque karst valley, formed by the subsidence and collapse of a cave ceiling, will not leave you indifferent: the Rakov Škocjan Valley. 

Planina (10 km from Postojna): The Planina polje is a classic example of a karst polje (plain), the last of its kind in the Ljubljanica river basin. It is crossed by the river Unica, which rises in the Planina Cave

Cerknica (25 km from Postojna): Lake Cerknica is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. It appears every year on the karst polje (plain) and in the summer months the lake disappears. The area is known for its biodiversity and belongs to Natura 2000 sites. 

Lipica (35 km from Postojna): Lipica is the home of the Lipizzan horse and the largest Lipizzan stud farm in the world. Visit the grounds of the Lipizza Stud Farm and enjoy the view of the graceful white Lipizzan horses in the pasture. 

Ljubljana (55 km from Postojna): Take a trip or just a short stop in the capital of Slovenia. The small city offers many cultural, historical and urban opportunities or if you just want to take a pleasant summer walk along the Ljubljanica River or in the nearby green park Tivoli. You can walk among the lively streets in the Old Town and refresh yourself in one of the riverside bars. A climb up the hill to Ljubljana Castle is also a nice experience. More about Ljubljana

Bled (100 km from Postojna): discover the magic of  the Bled Lake with the small island with the church on it. Swim, paddle or take a traditional pletna boat to Bled Island. Lake Bled and its surroundings invite you to unforgettable adventures – you can also climb up to Bled Castle, perched on a remarkable cliff overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains.