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Department of Forest Ecology

Laboratory for Forest Ecology

is a part of Department of Forest Ecology

Head of laboratory Staff
dr. Mitja FERLAN 
Tel.: +386 1 200 78 64
Fax.: +386 1 257 35 89
    Boštjan ZUPANC, Anže ŽELEZNIK

The Laboratory for electronic devices (LED) has a long-standing experience with the construction of measurement systems that are needed in the research activities of the Slovenian Forestry Institute and other research institutions from Slovenia and abroad. The experience and know-how in designing, constructing and adapting of various measuring devices allows us to develop completely new customized measurement systems. Along with designing and construction of measuring devices we can also offer finished systems for lease.

  • Different types of data recorders with a desired number of channels for measurement of temperature and analog signals from 0 – 2500 mV
  • Automatic soil respiration systems (CO2 emissions)
  • Automatic irrigation systems that are independent of public water or electricity supply
  • Construction of different automated measurement systems for soil, water & atmosphere
  • Maintenance and repair of digital field equipment
  • Practical & scientific approach with comprehensive solutions


  • Chemical & physical analysis of soil
  • Chemical analysis of water
  • Chemical analysis of foliar samples and ground vegetation
  • Chemical analysis of soil solution and stand precipitation
  • Chemical analysis of lower organic acids and free sugars
  • Measuring isotopic composition of C02 in the air
  • Monitoring O3, NO2, SO2, NH3 in the air

Research equipmen

1 A method for measuring the dynamics of root development and apparatus for carrying out said method : EP2289307
2 Aparaturs for capturing a gas flow: P2120602

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