na glavno vsebino

History of the Slovenian Forestry Institute

The Department of Forestry Research is established as part of the Department of Education at the Ministry of Forestry, People's Republic of Slovenia – the beginnings of today’s SFI. Land is granted for the site of the future Institute’s premises.
The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry appoints Franjo Sevnik as registrar of the future Institute.
The Ministry of Forestry and Timber Industry establishes the Slovenian Forestry Institute.
The Department of Forestry is established as part of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry – the beginning of a fruitful relationship between the University and the Slovenian Forestry Institute which continues to the present day.
The Slovenian Forestry Institute is renamed the Slovenian Institute for Forestry and Timber Industry and joins the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry.
The Slovenian Institute for Forestry and Timber Industry is renamed the Slovenian Institute for Forestry and Timber Economy.
The architect Vojteh Ravnikar designs the Institute’s building, which is now part of our architectural heritage from the 20th century. Savinšek’s “Lumberjack” statue stands in front of the building.
The Institute gains a greenhouse and seed laboratory.
The Institute is joined by the Bureau of Forest Planning.
The roof is repaired and some of the spaces are renovated.
A general crisis throughout the country strains the Institute’s financial standing.
The International Union of Forestry Research Organisations (IUFRO) in Ljubljana confirms Slovenia’s reputation for sustainable forest management.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Ministry of Science and Technology assume responsibility for financing the Institute.
Collaboration with the Austrian Forestry Institute as part of its assistance to nations in transition is commenced.
The Forest Act determines the Institute’s tasks, and once again grants it its original name, the Slovenian Forestry Institute.
As a public research organization, the Institute, in addition to its research and development programme, performs the public forest service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.
The Grand Hall is renovated, and the Institute’s top floor is repurposed and given new, air-conditioned offices. The renovated building becomes home to the Central Unit of the Slovenian Forest Service (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food), Section for Wood Science and Section for Wood Protection at the Department of Wood Science and Technology in the Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana), the Academy of Design, the editorial board of Gozdarski vestnik (Journal of Forestry), Association of Forestry Societies, and the Association of Environmental Protection Societies of Slovenia.
In addition to the Grand Hall, the Institute receives a large and small conference room with a room for socializing – a cafe, which makes it a modern conference center. 
Labs are renovated and stocked with new equipment.
The EUFORINNO project ( European Forest Research and Innovation), which is financed by 7OP-RegPot in the amount of €2.9 million, helps the Institute acquire equipment for its renovated laboratories.