na glavno vsebino


The Slovenian Forestry Institute is a public research institute of national importance, which bases its research on scientific excellence and professional competence. The research it conducts on forest biodiversity and its management in relation to climate change gives the Institute an important role in increasing knowledge and awareness of the importance of our forests and the way we interact with them. The Institute’s work reinforces its position in society. Highly regarded both at home and abroad, it is Slovenia’s principal treasury of knowledge, innovation, and creative ideas in researching forests, forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, hunting, forest management, and the use of resources and services that forests provide.


The Slovenian Forestry Institute is the only public research institute of national importance which conducts basic and applied research on forests, forest landscapes, forest ecosystems, forestry, wildlife, and hunting in Slovenia. The Institute will continue to develop as a scientific, professional, and cultural storehouse for Slovenia’s relationship with its forests and the resources and services they provide.

As part of its research programme and related studies, the Institute acts with public authority granted under the Forest Act and provides forest and environmental public services.