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Laser microdissection system PALM MicroBeam

The main components of laser microdissection system are ZEISS invert microscope and laser beam source (wavelength 355 nm). Our system for laser microdissection is suitable for samples on common object slides and membrane slides, but also microdissection of samples on certain types of filters and forensic adhesive tapes is possible. Samples can be native, stained, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) or prepared with cryomicrotome. The laser beam is so precise that single cells or even single chromosomes can be dissected. Dissected elements are contact free catapulted by laser beam pulse into collection cap situated above the object. Catapulting of dissected elements against gravity is advantageous relative to other microdissection systems and allows for absolutely pure and contamination-free collection of samples. System is equipped with collectors for one or two collection tubes and for single cap. Microdissected samples can be directly used for DNA, RNA and protein isolation.

Technical specifications:

-    ZEISS AxioObserver.Z1 invert microscope (objectives 5x, 20x, 40x, 63x, 100x oil, filters for autofluorescence, FITC and TexasRed)

-    Laser beam source PALM MicroBeam

-    camera AxioCam Icc1

-    fluorescent lamp HXP 120V

-    halogen lamp HAL100

-    PALM RoboStageII motorized object table with holder for three object slides and Cap Check position for checking of microdissected and captured samples in collection tube

-    Motorized PALM CapMoverII for fast positioning of the collecting device, collector set SingleCap 500, SingleTube500 and TubeCollector 2x500, suitable for 500 µl collection tubes

-    PALM RoboSoftware 4.6

-    Additional equipment: VivaTome (system for optical sectioning of living objects), ZEN software, camera AxioCam MRm