On Monday, 9th of March 2015, Anže Japelj from the Slovenian Forestry Institute gave a talk on Forest Ecosystem Services titled: "Forest's Ecosystem Services: Their Economic Value and the Pitfalls That May Follow" to more than 30 students from 12 European countries. The presentation was a part of the introduction to the IFSA Winter Meeting 2015, organised by the Slovenian Forestry Student's Association. The main topics of the presentation were:

  • Origins of the concept of ecosystem services
  • Where is their value derived from
  • Methods for economic valuation of ecosystem services.
  • Payments for forest ecosystem services.

The full presentation can be viewed on Slideshare.The presentation was followed by an interesting discussion, where common misconceptions about the valuation of ecosystem services were explained. Many case studies (from Slovenia and international) were mentioned.

Article by: Boris Rantaša