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5th International Congress Forest and Its Potential for Health

5th International Congress Forest and Its Potential for Health

1. Sep 2023

Dear Sir or Madam,

on behalf of organizational board we would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate at V. International Congress of Forest and its Potential for Health.

V. Interantional Congress Forest and its Potential for Health, on 18. - 20. September 2023 at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.


For obtaining valuable knowledge of how forest ecosystem services contribute to health and human well-being, the V. International Congress Forests and Its Potential for Health (ICFPH) will enable a unique interlinking exchange between scientists, researchers and professionals from all over the world in the field of Forestry, Biomedicine, Climatology, Phyto-pharmacy and Tourism.

The congress is of exceptional coportunity for learning about the new use of ecosystem services in science (2nd day) as well as in practice (3rd day). New guidelines for the anti-stress effect of forest therapies on public health will be presented for the first time, in combination with forest therapeutic tourism and the management of such activities in the forest.

At the congress, the world's most prominent experts in therapeutic forest tourism and public health confirmed their participation, such as prof. dr. Qing Li, (at Nippon Medical School, President of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine, Director of the Forest Therapy Society, Vice-President and Secretary-General of INFOM, Managing Vice Chairperson of Forest Health Maintenance Research of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society), Prof. Dr. Won Sop Shin (Chungbuk National University in Korea and Chair of the Korea Forest Therapy Forum), the most prominent practitioner of forest therapy Amos M. Clifford (ANFT), ed. prof. dr. mult. Aleksandar Racz, MD spec., (University of Zagreb Faculty of Medicine), prof. dr. Iwao Uehara (Tokyo University, Department of Forest Science), academician prof. dr Zmago Turk (founder of the Institute of Balneology and Climatology, UM).

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